Pineapple Express from Fresh Baked

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Strain:  Pineapple Express

From:  Fresh Baked Dispensary

Pickup Date:  7/6/2011

Inspection Status:  Pass

This strain passed inspection with no issues and greeted us with a fairly pungent sweet and sour fruit aroma and a generous coating of trichomes that were mostly clear, with maybe 5 or 10% showing a golden-amber coloration.  Though we thought the harvest was slightly early, the calyxes still seemed nicely swelled and mature enough, holding a large amount of  bright orange pistils.  We found the trichome coverage to be above average for sure, and we were impressed with the grow overall, as we couldn’t find any real flaw with it, including the post-harvest care.

The aforementioned sweet and sour smell with a slight musk almost seemed more pungent pre-grind, but took on another interesting quality post-grind, getting much sharper in the pine + flowery type of realm.  It still retained a fruity element post-grind, but it was almost like dried apricots or something, mixed with the more aggressive smells.  The flavor was more like the post-grind smell, with a spicy and sharp attack, followed by a soft flowery-fruit finish.  We appreciated the near-100% white and fluffy ash, which showed that this strain had received a very good flush prior to harvest.

We’ve had mixed experiences with Pineapple Express in the past, and this is probably the overall best version we’ve come across — head to Boulder and check it out!

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