Maple Leaf Indica (Colorado Apothecary and Wellness Center)

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Strain: Maple Leaf Indica

From: Colorado Apothecary and Wellness Center

Pickup Date: 6/1/2011

Inspection Status: Pass

This frosty-looking specimen passed inspection with no signs of any pest or pathogen issues and certainly impressed us with its overall trichome coverage as well as preservation.  The dense smaller nuggets that we received seemed to be lower buds, but had clearly been taken care of post-harvest, from the manicure to the cure, which left them perfectly brittle but not overly dry.  We also liked the harvest timing, especially for an Indica strain — there were a healthy amount of amber trichomes (~20-25%)  among the cloudy and clear heads.

This sample had a very interesting and fairly unique scent which had a mentholated quality to it, landing somewhere between the vegetal and spicy side of the spectrum — it’s not a nose-wrinkler, but it has a background sharpness that adds complexity to the package.  It was hard to pin down a distinct scent, but it was pleasurable and pungent nonetheless.  The flavor was again slightly mentholated, bringing to mind incense in a way — not particularly distinct, and it was mostly gone after 2 hits, but remained pleasant throughout the experience.  There was moderate expansion and some coughing, but that’s mostly to be expected with hearty Indica varieties such as this.

This isn’t a strain that we see around town much, so if you’ve been on the hunt for this old Sensi Seeds favorite, Colorado Apothecary and Wellness Center’s version is certainly worthy of a trial.

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