303 Purps from Green Dream Health Services

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Strain:  303 Purps (Mendocino Purps x Unknown bagseed)

From:  Green Dream Health Services

Pickup Date:  6/12/2011

Inspection Status:  Pass

Before we even inspected this one closely, its tight structure and superb trim job impressed our crew.  The deep purple coloration interspersed with the fiery orange pistils made this an attractive sample, and it also seemed to gleam in the light thanks to the relatively thick coverage of clear and milky trichomes.  While we would’ve liked to perhaps see some amber heads, the effects were fairly narcotic as-is, so perhaps it was an intentional choice by the grow team.  We saw a hermie flower or two, but no signs of tiny seeds, so it didn’t seem to be a real problem.

We were very impressed by the aroma of this strain, which was all the things purple-lovers enjoy about the “family”, but sweeter and more directly fruity than many examples, losing the incense/floral qualities for a much more enjoyable (in our opinion) scent overall.  While the aroma was absolutely top-notch and ranking amongst our favorite Purple strains ever, the flavor just didn’t quite live up to that, giving a more neutral, soft, and floral flavor which lacked the superb sweetness of the aroma.  The smoke was very smooth and enjoyable throughout the experience, but the final ash was a murky dark gray with some flecks of white, showing that the flush could’ve been better.

Every “Purps”-lover out there would be doing themselves a favor by checking out this beautiful and fragrant example of the family from Green Dream.

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  • griffin-8-r
    January 11, 2012 at 9:49 am |

    Just got some of the new 303 Purps batch at GDHS. As usual, a top-quality product and good for what ails me.

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