Star Fruit (Alternative Wellness Center)

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Starfruit Medical Marijuana Strain Review

From: Alternative Wellness Center

Grade: A-

Type: Hybrid [Sensi Star x (Juicy Fruit or Heavy Duty Fruity possibly)]  *We also know of a grower who called their Sensi Star ‘Starfruit’ as a phenotype but sold it as something unrelated.  This could be an offshoot from those plants and actually just be Sensi Star.  Unconfirmed.

Price: $50/8th inc. tax

Appearance: (8/10) Classic mix of pale greens and orange pistils.  Mostly cloudy trichs, very few ambers; good harvest timing though, as cloudy is top potency level.  Average density and very dry.

Aroma: (8/10) This was an intersting aroma.  It almost smelled like rotting fruit or compost in the jar, but once ground it had a salty/lime chips scent with a bit of sweetness.  Non-traditional smell but well represented.

Taste: (6/10)  This burned to a light gray ash and had an overly earthy flavor to it.  One reviewer asked “Why didn’t they name this Gardenfruit?” and another commented, “It was like a casserole of the smells, herby and earthy.”

Effects: Initial aspects, can feel my heartbeat in my ears, swirling high in the back of my head and neck, kind of warm-feeling, the high isn’t really behind my eyes at all, which is rare.  One person felt a sinus attack immediately.   It is a bit of a creeper, as it showed up behind the eyes later on and a more medicated feeling than at first.  There is a head high, kind of throbbing (in a good way).  No real body high to speak of, a bit warm-feeling and relaxed, but no real feeling to describe (pain-free though)… ninja body high.  Good appetite stimulant, never felt very high, but body felt great and I’m very relaxed overall… The effects seemed centralized to my head almost exclusively, back of the head, eyes a little bit, neck.

Duration: Long.  2 – 2.5 hours

Medicinal Traits: (We are NOT doctors – personal opinion ONLY)  General relaxation, pain relief (both muscle and nerve), clear-headed relief, appetite.

Overall: No comedown to speak of, this one was a nice, level calming yet clear pain-relieving experience that I really enjoyed.  It made my body feel good without having a really distinct body high, helped my pain, and just contributed to a sense of well-being and positivity.  I think this was a good all-around strain that didn’t side either Indica or Sativa and would be good for almost any occasion or need aside from severe pain/sleep aid kind of narcotic relief.

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