Sour Diesel (Tetra Hydro Center)

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Sour Diesel Medical Marijuana Strain Review

From: Tetra Hydro Center

Grade: A

Type: Sativa-dominant hybrid (Massachusetts Super Skunk x ChemDawg) x DNL is the common lineage

Price: $50/8th

Appearance: (8/10)  This was a bit of a strange-looking Sour Diesel, with almost stalk-like stems supporting columnar clusters of fat calyxes that stacked on top of one another in the characteristic “foxtail” shape.  It wasn’t dense in the traditional sense of overall bud structure, but the little bud columns were rather solid, as they were nothing but calyxes – it was definitely a unique-looking grow, but it appeared to be of high quality regardless.  The trichome coverage was above average and the mix of greens with the brownish pistils gave this strain a fairly dark appearance overall despite its fuzzy layer of trichs.

Aroma: (7/10) A fairly standard range of aromas for the strain, this sample possessed a strong “sour” component, with an almost bitter and mentholated citrus smell accompanied by the requisite dose of fuel.  Though it’s not exactly appealing, it certainly is impressive and gives the indication that something powerful lurks within.  It wasn’t the strongest-smelling Sour Diesel in terms of pungency, but its sharpness and strong sourness was a great example of the strain.

Taste: (8/10) Though the review team reported a distinct harshness and some coughing with this strain, it was definitely well-liked in this area – some of the coughing was likely due to the level of expansion this strain possessed, as it was certainly above average there.  Again, the dominant olfactory sensation with this strain was a sour citrusy bite followed by a bouquet of menthol, soil, and peppery spice in a lingering aftertaste that was complex and enjoyable.  This one definitely has an emphasis on the “sour” part of its namesake rather than the “diesel”.

Effects: Though a rising energy was the initial effect, this Sour Diesel settled into a strange state of relaxation, one that was accompanied by a (sometimes literally) dizzying cerebral high and a definite spaciness with some couchlock tendencies.  A misguided attempt to get up and do something resulted in one reviewer wandering around before abandoning the idea and retreating to the couch to enjoy the racing thoughts and the numb body high this strain provided.  Another reviewer reported a wonderful uptick in creative energy at the onset followed by a relaxed sense of well-being for the remainder of the high.  There was never any paranoia or unease with this strain despite Sour Diesel’s reputation for being overwhelming at times, and despite its above-average potency, this one would be a solid choice for almost all levels of MMJ patient.

Duration: Long, 2.5-3 hours

Medicinal Traits: (We are NOT doctors – personal opinion ONLY)  Mild to moderate body pain management, possible glaucoma/ocular relief, anti-anxiety, mood elevation, creativity, appetite stimulation.

Overall: This strain was very well-liked in all aspects of the review aside from minor gripes about the somewhat wispy bud structure.  The taste and smell both screamed “sour” and yet the fuel/soil component of the diesel was still present.  Its complex taste especially pleased the reviewers, and was indeed a foreshadowing of a powerful ride to come.  The effects and duration were where it really stood out though, as it carried on to 3 hours, even on a fairly small dosage (3-4 hits).  This one would be a good late daytime/after work sort of smoke, because it might put you out a bit but would otherwise provide a great sense of relaxation and well-being for several hours into the night.

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