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SFV OG Kush Medical Marijuana Strain Review

From: Denver Patients Group

Grade: A-

Type: Sativa-dominant hybrid – [The SFV is 'San Fernando Valley' which most folks know.  What they don't know is the SFV is actually an S1 (a self seeded) of the ORkid's Ghost OG Kush.  It is very similar to the ORKid (ghost) cut with a little healthier/sturdier branches.  The medicinal effects and highs are very close in nature, with the SFV generally being a little more somber and meditative.  Lastly, SFV is widely rumored to be the XXX OG Kush because the SFV is where the porn industry is/was generally located.  In reality, the XXX is likely another S1, this time of the SFV.]

Price: $45/8th for members

Appearance: (5/10) A pale army green with some darker leaves and orange or reddish-brown pistils, this sample was made up primarily of small, thin nugs that exhibited quite a few foxtails.  The trich coverage wasn’t very apparent to the naked eye, and it wasn’t very impressive at all to look at.  This one looked as if it had been tumbled or otherwise roughly-treated after harvest, as the trichomes were very beat up and plenty had been broken off at the stalk.  When I first saw it, I immediately thought it was outdoor-grown, but I’m not really sure if that’s the case or not.  In any case, the harvest was well-timed, with most of the trichs being cloudy – however, several reviewers found small seeds or seed pods that contained immature but not tiny seeds.  The texture was moderately dense but spongy to the touch, probably a 5/10 on the dryness scale, right before it would be considered ‘wet’ by most.  Not a visually-impressive sample at all.

Aroma: (8.5/10)  Aroma was the area that this strain excelled in for sure, as the majority of the review staff absolutely loved the blend of acrid fruit, fuel, soil, and pine this sample provided.  It was strong on the “lemon cleaner” aspect of things, as the SFV cut is known for – this was a solid example of the strain aromatically for sure.  Its pungency is what really impressed the staff, especially after it was ground or broken up, when a torrent of sharp citrus smells poured out to greet the nose.

Taste: (8/10)  The taste was a slightly more mixed bag, but overall, our reviewers appreciated the flavor of this strain, which basically retained the citrus/pine/fuel/slightly-sweet characteristics it displayed in the smell.  It was average in harshness, with a little burn in the throat but nothing major, and it was a bit above average in expansion, as it created quite a lot of smoke for an average-sized hit.  It seems that each reviewer got one part of the smell spectrum… one was noticing the citrus and fuel, one picked up on the pine flavors, and another picked up on the vaguely sweet Kush flavor, all of which were present in this sample.  The only issue here really was that the sample burned down to a murky gray ash, which indicates it didn’t get a great flush before being harvested.

Effects: Aside from one reviewer reporting a motivating, soaring Sativa feeling as the initial effect, this one was thought to be basically a calm Sativa + Indica body high, which is the best of both worlds for some patients.  A rolling and pulsing body high was experienced early on, and its almost overwhelming nature may have made the body high later on seem weak by comparison, even though it was still decent 2 hours in.  A lowering of the eyelids as well as a Sativa spacey feeling throughout the head and the desire to just chill out and enjoy the ride was the primary mental state through the majority of the effects.  This strain also produced some pretty serious dry mouth, so if that’s something you worry about or can’t deal with, it may not be the one for you.  As the high left, a creeping tiredness washed over, leaving a relaxed but slightly groggy-feeling finish as the lasting memory of the effects.

Duration: Medium-Long 2-2.5 hours

Medicinal Traits: (We are NOT doctors – personal opinion ONLY)  Mild to moderate pain relief (nerve and muscle), general relaxation, appetite stimulation, anti-anxiety.

Overall: While certainly not a “looker”, this was a pretty solid example of the SFV OG Kush, which is one of the elite OG Kush cuttings floating around the world right now.  While it wasn’t our favorite example of this strain, it provided a good variety of medicinal effects and efficacy as well as a pleasing taste and bouquet.  If it had been grown a little better or not handled so roughly post-harvest, it really could have been something special, but it’s certainly a solid A-range strain, depending on what you’re looking for as a patient.  Though the strain is thought to be Sativa-dominant, this was a good balanced high with quite a few body effects that one would traditionally find in a more heavy Indica variety.  It was never too strong and would be appropriate for most patients, though the spacey nature might make it a tad difficult to deal with in professional situations.

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Comments (3)

  • brian
    June 23, 2010 at 8:41 am |

    i grew some my own and its got a crazy burn in the throat and some in the lungs, very bad dry mouth. is this common?

  • Scott from Stone Mountain
    June 23, 2010 at 11:42 am |

    Brian, the only time the effects you described are common is from unflushed herb, too heavy of a nutrient regimen or herb that is still wet and uncured.

    Properly grown, flushed and cured herb should NEVER burn your throat or lungs. Dry mouth effect can be different person to person.

  • west grow
    August 11, 2011 at 3:39 pm |

    Did you even flush it dude sfv is a boom strain am growing it now form clone

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