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Strain: Pepe Le Dank (Gage Green Genetics’ 5K OG Kush x Mr. Nice’s “Pepe” G-13 Skunk)

From: Universal Herbs

Pickup Date: 6/1/2011

Inspection Status: Pass

After passing inspection, the things that impressed us most about this sample were the incredible density and structure that it had, looking much like an OG Kush, but with a less-rounded shape and smaller calyxes.  The trichome coverage above-average, but not mind-blowing from a distance, mainly because they were short-stalked trichs that laid low against the plant for the most part.  The harvest timing was on the early side of proper, but there were some ambers visible — that seemed to make for a nice, uplifting effect though

The aroma of this strain is light and spicy with a twist of citrus — seemed almost entirely OG, but it has a distinct and interesting freshness, which was likely brought to the party by the “Pepe” G-13 Skunk male.  The aroma is nicely pungent, though seemed to freshen up further after grinding, with the OG aromas receding a bit to the background.  Flavor-wise, it was almost entirely OG, which we loved.  It was in the vein of the more smooth, citrus-spice OGs rather than the very dank/fuel/spicy-tasting ones, and especially on the exhale, took on a bit of the freshness from the smell, making it taste like an entirely new OG experience.

This was our first experience with this fairly rare strain, and based on this sample, we’ll be looking out for this strain in the future, as we enjoyed it quite a bit.

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  • Boston Rob
    April 27, 2012 at 3:55 am |

    Grew this – it’s HELLA horrible. If you can Smell OG in there you’re retarded. Gage has a Fake %k OG cut – was given it after he released the ChemD en masse and the people he was getting cuts from him no longer trusted him. It’s Got G13/Widow x Skunk as the father from a mass pollen chuck. All around shit.

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