Jack the Ripper from Cannabis 4 Health

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Strain: Jack the Ripper (Jack’s Cleaner x Space Queen)

From: Cannabis 4 Health

Pickup Date: 6/1/2011

Inspection Status: Pass

We loved the harvest timing on this JTR, as it was speckled with a variety of champagne, amber, and red-headed trichomes and the calyxes were nicely swelled up despite the open structure.  The coloration was also very pretty, with a blend of greens, some purpling on the guard leaves, and pistils of varying colors (mostly orange and red).  The trichome density wasn’t amazing, but they had fairly large heads and were well-preserved.  No tiny seeds or other grow flaws spotted on this one, though the trim could’ve been a little tighter… still, great job with patience and post-harvest care.

This sample smelled great and reminded us of some sort of watermelon-lemon candy, with an outright fruity sweetness and a backing tangy citrus quality.  After grinding, it gained pungency, but became less outwardly sweet and more fresh, floral, and had the watermelon thing happening again.  The smoke was easy on the throat, not particularly expansive, and carried a soft fruity floral flavor that left the mouth feeling fresh and mentholated.  The final ash was a medium gray with white speckles, showing it had a solid but not perfect flush.

This beautiful Jack the Ripper was one of the nicest that we’ve seen around town — go check it out if you like a fresh and sweet Sativa.

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