Flo (Greenest Green)

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Flo Medical Marijuana Strain Review

FromThe Greenest Green

Grade:  A

Type:  60/40 Sativa-Dominant Hybrid [Combination of Highland Thai, Purple Thai, and Afghani Indica]

Price:  $50/8th

Appearance:  (8/10)  A variety of greens with blueish-purple leaves and dark red-orange pistils make this an attractive sample to the eye.  Above average in density, the spear-shaped buds contained a multitude of cloudy and ambered trichomes but also unfortunately contained a small undeveloped seed.  Small mark against an otherwise beautifully cared-for sample.

Aroma:  (8/10)  Some disagreement here, as one reviewer simply did not enjoy the Flo’s flavor.  The other reviewer however LOVED this strain, picking up notes of skunky Kush as well as that overriding signature sweet hash smell that Flo is so beloved for.  A very pungent sample when ground or crumbled.

Taste: (7/10)   Fertilizer, burnt cedar, and flowers, while others noted that strong and distinctive sweet hashy Flo taste.  The taste endured fairly far into the bowl, retaining hints until the sample was nearly burned away to nothing.  A fairly expansive smoke, it was smooth on the throat but still caused some coughing — it burned to a perfect white ash though, indicating a great flush.

Effects:  The immediate effect was an uplifting and energetic Sativa attack that hit fairly hard behind the eyes and exerted some pressure on the forehead.  A cerebral spaciness hit the head quickly, but the energy and positivity mostly overwhelmed it, causing our review staff to want to be outside enjoying the nice weather.  All tensions, anxieties, and pains melted away under the watchful eye of Flo, leaving us feeling superb for a solid 2 hours of potent effect.  The profile seemed heavily Sativa at first then gave way to a slightly less-energetic and more body-focused feeling as it left — a super-clean almost undetectable finish was the final reward of this top-notch sample.

Duration:  Long, 3+ hours with a lasting ‘linger’

Medicinal Traits: (We are NOT doctors – personal opinion ONLY)  Mood elevation, anti-anxiety, anti-fatigue, pain and tension relief.

Overall:  Perhaps the best example of Flo we’ve come across, this one from The Greenest Green delivers in a big way with that signature Flo taste and smell as well as a collection of very enduring and enjoyable effects.  While the taste is somewhat of a personal preference thing, this sample was very well-grown and the harvest was perfectly-timed — no real knocks on this strain aside from the single seed that was found.  A near-perfect blend of Sativa and Indica effects, this strain is a great choice for almost anyone who needs a pick-me-up.  This strain would be great daytime medication for those who still want pain relief but don’t want to be bleary-eyed and slow.

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Comments (4)

  • June 22, 2010 at 1:42 pm |

    Thanks for the review!

  • KrazyDan
    June 29, 2010 at 10:16 pm |

    Sorry about the seed! I also found seed in my “kept” pile and discontinued that line of flo because its been kicked around stress wise .

  • July 1, 2010 at 11:50 am |

    I loved the cut, tasted wonderful and was near-perfect for me medically due to the clear but powerful effects that relaxed the body a great deal. Hope the replacement Flo is a killer too!

    I just wish I had found a fully-developed seed…

  • KrazyDan
    August 22, 2010 at 10:37 pm |

    I got a cut from the original so I’ll have it running again …The seed found was most likely a self pollinated seed which is why i dumped the strain . The cut I had went through PH issues then heat stress(cause I had a partner) and the stress induced hermaphrodite traits i’m thinking….seeing it was an immature seed and cut down was 68 days…im pretty sure..or it was just pollen floating around in a old house. In any case I would never recommend growing unknown seed..the risk is way greater than the reward

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