Deca Dose Cheeba Chews Review

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Product Name: Deca Dose (hybrid)

From:  Cheeba Chews

Type:  Chocolate taffy, infused using hash oil from a proprietary extraction process

Dosage:  Package says 175 mg, or 10 doses (we recommend taking a small slice before consuming more, if necessary)

Price: Varies, $18-22 is the normal retail price

**Note: the company declined a Full Spectrum Laboratory report, but provide a report from RM3 Labs showing ~212 mg THC to all dispensaries to which they wholesale, so you can see the official reports at a dispensary or on the company’s website here:**

Packaging: (7/10)  The updated foil packaging is much better and more attractive than the wax paper and sticker arrangement that Cheeba Chews had when we reviewed the Quad Dose Indica and Quad Dose Sativa chews.  This one is much more tamper-proof and seemed to keep the candy soft and pliable for longer than before, while still being easy to open.  It’s advisable to keep the candies cool and not let them get hot (such as in a sun-soaked car), because it seems that they can sort of melt into the wrapper, seemingly taking some of the hash oil with them.  We like the new packaging more than before, but would still probably like something actually air-tight such as plastic.  Another thing we appreciated that Cheeba Chews puts a full ingredients list on the label (though no information about their proprietary extraction method), and that there are warnings about the potency as well as dosage information.

Visual Appeal: (6.5/10)  The Deca seems to have lost the glossy sheen seen in the Quad Dose and picked up an aura of hash oil, likely due to the stepping up of the dosage.  The candy almost oozes hash oil, leaving residue on the package at times and taking on a much darker color than the milk chocolate brown of the Quad Doses that we reviewed.  Unless you’re a huge fan of this type of candy (essentially a Tootsie Roll), the appearance is really nothing that most people would get excited about, but that’s the nature of the beast so to speak.

Aroma: (6.5/10)  This is more a matter of personal preference, as those who don’t mind the smell of hash oil in edibles found it okay enough, while those who were expecting a soft chocolatey aroma and don’t particularly like the smell of hash oil were taken aback by the pungency of it.  It smells rather heavily of medicine, but also has an almost coffee element within the backing chocolate aroma.  Again, nobody’s normally smelling a Tootsie Roll before eating it, so this category is one that’s almost inconsequential, except in cases where utmost stealth is required.

Taste: (5/10)  The step up in dosage really affected the taste compared to the Double or Quad Dose, as the hash oil taste seemed to overwhelm the chocolate for the most part.  We liked the texture more than we did previously, however, as these were very soft and had an oddly pleasing sandy sugar quality that was the highlight of this part of the review.  Simply put, if you cannot deal with the flavor of medicine (specifically hash oil, which comes with a borderline greasy, medicinal aftertaste), the Deca Dose will be a rough experience in the flavor department.  Even our reviewer who most likes tasting strong medicine in edibles was overwhelmed with how pungent the hash oil flavor was, and was the highest review sheet score at 6.8 for taste appeal.

Effects: Okay okay, we know that Cheeba Chews aren’t really about the consumption experience, and nobody is really savoring the flavor or appreciating the aroma prior to eating one.  The real “money” part of these candies is in the potent effects, which the Deca Dose delivered at extremely high levels.  Reviewers reported effects starting as soon as 30 minutes after consumption, starting with an anxious feeling (which could have partially come from the anticipation of effects) and an uptick in body temperature and facial/cranial pressure.  By 1 hour, our staff were all pretty much heavily medicated, with heavy, red eyes, a light-headed feeling, and difficulty in maintaining focus on anything for too long.  The body feelings at this time were primarily a strange buzzing energy (almost a tension) and a sort of numbing quality that had us stuck in one position and almost unable to move.

The heavy couchlock and lack of focus made this one a very unproductive experience, as we tended to just float around mentally, hardly processing anything and often just staring blankly.  Despite the at-times zombie-like state, our mood was elevated and humor was easy to come by when we’d actually pay attention.  Hours 2-5 passed like a blur for most of the staff, with hardly anyone moving or doing anything complicated, feeling pain-free and reasonably happy the whole time.  The final few hours of the experience were even heavier, ultimately just making us feel tired and ready for sleep.  There seemed to be some lingering effects out to almost 10 hours, but the majority of effects were gone by 8 hours after ingestion.

Duration: 6+ hours medicinal-level potency, 8+ hours overall (up to 10 in our trials)

Medical Uses: Pain relief (both muscle and nerve), ocular effects, appetite stimulation (later in the duration), and sleep aid.

Overall:  While most of us didn’t particularly enjoy the taste of these candies, the effects were so notably strong that our entire crew of veteran, high-tolerance reviewers said that the entire dosage was simply too much for one sitting.  We’ve since tried them at a half dosage and feel that this is the optimal dosage for the majority of MMJ patients who are in the medium to high tolerance area and want a little more potency than the Quad Dose offers.  The extremely long duration and overall potency is basically unrivaled in our experience with edibles… it comes on fast, heavy, and lasts longer than anything we’ve tried.  Whether that’s a good thing depends on what you had scheduled for the day, as this thing is essentially a “calendar-clearer”… you’ll sit and watch any plans that were made fall by the wayside, caring very little about anything but the present and whatever is in front of your face at the moment.

These were not functional at all with the full dosage, and we recommend the full dosage only for patients who need EXTREME pain relief or sleep aid, and would suggest that anyone else try a small slice and work up from there.  Some dispensaries require that you sign a waiver before purchasing the Deca Dose, and honestly, that makes sense, given how strong they are — they are not to be trifled with, and patients who are new to the long-lasting effects of edibles should be careful.  Despite the precautions, we applaud Cheeba Chews for making such a strong and consistently effective product — the Deca is serious medicine, meant for patients who require the highest level of effects.

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Comments (9)

  • rob anderson
    June 27, 2011 at 10:44 am |

    If You like cheeba chews go to Grasshopper off 23rd and federal for $14 deca dose cheeba chews and $7 quad dose.

  • etherialist
    June 27, 2011 at 4:48 pm |

    the less impressive Full Spectrum Labs testing results of the deca dose can be found on their website here:
    Thanks to High Times for paying for the tests. I guess they did one thing right…

  • fsl has major issues
    October 5, 2011 at 7:57 pm |

    Sadly that FSL deca test result shows how bad their testing really is. Your telling me that cheeba chews entered a 60mg deca in the cannabis cup when they claim its 175? and they still won? It doesnt take a genius to know that test is off. Id be embarrassed of that test if i was FSL. Guess thats why they are closing shop.

    heres an accurate test result.

  • etherialist
    October 13, 2011 at 12:21 am |

    I dont know why you would repost the same test results link when it was already linked in the article… unless, of course, you have vested interest in the cheeba chew brand. Here’s an idea, maybe you can post RM3 test results that HAVENT been shared yet! like these: (descriptions next to links in case they get broken/deleted) seems to be an early test, 3/25/11 @ 179.3mg is the latest (6/20/11, more recent than the link mr. anti-FSL posted) and clocks in @ 161mg

    The last link is the most concerning. Every contestant in the cup actively entered to be a contestant, and there is obvious incentive to win, as that brings your company more business and money. It is entirely possible that the Cheeba Chew gang(heck, who are we kidding, almost EVERY contestant did this!) gave the High Times batch of Deca Doses extra care and hash oil than they normally would just to win the cup and catapult them to mainstream stoner-stardom.

    Really no need to bash on FSL during their transition period. Everything I’ve seen reflects FSL’s professionalism.

    Has RM3 Labs tested anything besides Cheeba Chews? Not that I, or anyone else I know, has seen. One starts to wonder what kind of bias a company with only one client has. Further, RM3 uses fancy TLC while FSL uses HPLC. HPLC requires significantly more expensive equipment to perform a test than high performance TLC, and (no surprise) is also more accurate.

    I myself used to be a big fan of cheeba chews but I feel lately that they are not worth the money, as being in the denver area allows access to all kinds of wonderful, potent, in-house made edibles for every hunger craving – not just a tootsie roll craving (i’m not huge on the tootsies)

    Please keep the advertising in Kush and the name calling on the playground.

  • zak
    December 2, 2011 at 9:22 am |

    Where do you buy these ! I fucking want some

  • joyce
    September 28, 2012 at 1:04 pm |

    where can i buy some of this that releaves pain in the body? do u have some for arthris two if is how much so they cost.

  • Stan
    August 19, 2013 at 12:50 pm |

    Cheeba chews are a lie. They don’t work don’t bother wasting your money.

  • Stan
    August 19, 2013 at 12:50 pm |

    Cheeba chews are a lie. They don’t work don’t bother wasting your money.

  • Savage
    November 4, 2013 at 8:40 pm |

    I listened to the recommendation of Joey Diaz and went deep on Halloween with a decca dose I went to the American comedy club and I thought comedian Brian Reban had turned into a dolphin the I rembered it was A Halloween costume

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