Blue Widow (Botanic Labs)

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Blue Widow Medical Marijuana Strain Review

From:  Botanic Labs

Grade:  A

Type:  Hybrid indica dominant (Blueberry [F] x White Widow [M])

Price:  $60/8th

Appearance:  (8/10)  The Blue Widow looked very pale and sugary to the naked eye.  It was just on the far end of dry and dense coming very close to almost too…

Aroma:  (9/10) The sample was very pungent with a scrumptious blue candy over a sweet fresh pine scent.

Taste:  (8/10) The BW was just a tad harsh but not bad, and packed a big expansion.  It tasted much like the smell with a sweet berry tone that was very pleasing.

Effects:  The Blue Widow makes no bones about its indica nature and immediately delivers a calming wave.  Pressure and stress melt away leaving the mind in a comfortable solitude and the body in a flacid state.  Conversation and outside intrusion (TV/Radio/Computer) were found to be somewhat unpleasant but still performable if necessary.  The couch and a book, or a towel and the sun, are where your mind and body will want to park and enjoy the long, relaxing ride.

Duration:  Long. 2.5 – 3 hours

Medicinal Use: (We are NOT doctors – personal opinion ONLY)  This strain is a great pain fighter, as are most Blue varieties.  Additionally, the BW delivers total body relaxation for muscle and nerve issue associated with cramps, spasms, or rigidity.  The eyes had a lot of pressure build up and release, and the overall sensation would be excellent for any tense person, be it body or mind.

Overall:  Said best by one of our reviewers, “I’m not usually one for meds that close off the outside world, but this Blue Widow was damn nice.  I felt right at home and truly enjoyed my own company, what a great strain.”

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