Ghost’s OG Kush

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General Information

Type:  Sativa-dominant hybrid

Genetics:  Nobody knows for sure, though it’s thought to be an off-shoot of the Triangle Kush, which came out of Florida in the early 1990′s.  This particular cut was passed on from OrgnKid to Ghost, who then distributed it to select individuals.  Thought by many “in the know” to be the original OG Kush.

Geographic Origin:  Original familial lineage in the Afghanistan-Pakistan mountains, though this particular iteration likely came out of Florida, USA.

Seed Company/Clone: Clone-only, one of the elite cuts in the world

Description: Thought by many to be the “mother” of all OG Kush strains to follow, Ghost’s cut of OG Kush is a legendary clone-only cut that was possessed by forum member known as “OrgnKid”, who then passed it onto another member known as “Ghost”, who then passed it on to a few select individuals.  Possessing one of the most elemental and unique taste/smell packages in all of cannabis, it’s clear why Kushes have become such a big deal on the scene.


Story: See above — possibly the original “OG Kush” cut, passed through forum members, eventually making its way into Scott of Rare Dankness Seeds’ hands.  The stories about OG Kush as a strain vary greatly, but many “in the know” say that it’s true mother plant is the Triangle Kush, which came out of Florida in the 1990′s and was named after the “Triangle” of Florida’s main marijuana-producing cities (Jacksonville, Tampa, and Miami).


Growing Information

Flowering Time: 60-65 days

Preferred Growing Medium: Scott suggests that the Ghost is best grown in a SCROG-style grow with 1 plant every 9″-12″ square, pruned heavily on the bottom to fatten up the top.

Patient Expectations

Scent: Absolutely one of the purest-smelling Kush varieties on the planet, its ginger ale + citrus + Kush pine-sol qualities are unmatched.

Flavor: Like the smell, the flavor is pure lemon cleaner/spice-heavy Kush, with the aftertaste hanging in the mouth and throat for a long time after smoking.

Effects: Floaty and cerebral, the high comes on strong at first but is never pushy.  It takes the user on a ride full of positivity and laughter — it’s really a social med and can totally change the mood of your day/night.  It’s potent in the sense that it “cuts through” almost anything you’re already smoking, taking over the effect itself rather than playing nice with the other strain(s).  But it’s not potent in the “oh no, I shouldn’t have smoked that much” sense — it’s a very even, non-pushy med that can sit in the background of your mind if need-be.  If you ever get a chance to try this strain, jump at the opportunity — it’s truly one of the most amazing and unique strains in the world.


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Comments (7)

  • July 14, 2013 at 1:16 pm |

    Nice to see some history with this gal. You guys have it right except for one thing. Although I was a member of Overgrow, it was at Cannabis World where the transaction took place. Also, the “passing” of it to me came with a fee andd I chose to liberate it to the world. My thoughts were something this good had to be shared for all to enjoy.
    If ya got it, pass it on. The Karma will come back to you ten fold, at least.

    Love you All,

  • July 18, 2013 at 10:57 pm |

    Hey Ghost I have a question I would much appreciate you answering if you could. I’m a tga genetics grower from oregon and recently was given a cut of supposedly ghost og but I’m 17 days in veg and its growing super sativa like with 3 prong leave sets and a couple of random 4 leaves, is my cut the true Ghost OG?

  • tlh
    July 19, 2013 at 6:52 am |

    Hey Herrms, hopefully Ghost can shed some light, but from my experience in Colorado with The Ghost Cut and its (possible) S1 HA Cut, they will grow fairly sativa and often throw out 3 leave sets if not perfectly happy. The scent on the finished product is how I’ve been distinguishing, but I can only compare what I “know” to be the Ghost Cut which I first sampled by way of Scott from Rare Dankness in 2009. Scents are different to different people but all I can say is rubber band ball – brings me right back to those elementary school days of fresh rubber bands. No other cut I’ve experienced gives that same scent and the Ghost has remained my favorite OG by far since my first encounter.

  • PlatinumCut
    August 20, 2013 at 1:20 am |

    I got a cut of “platinum romulan” from a fellow grower who seemed to think it was a cross of classic Romulan and Ghost OG. Is there any truth to his story?

  • oatsuzn
    September 11, 2013 at 10:36 pm |

    Yo Ghost, thanks man! I just smoked some Ghost OG here in QUEENS NY. Great stuff. Big contribution to the Cannabis community.

  • cannabis wizard
    February 10, 2014 at 7:54 pm |

    Plz someone contact me that has cuts of the ghost og. Im located in colorado. I had his cut before and love it. Thanks ghost for passing it to the rest of us. Im a former United States Marine sniper and I gotpretty bang uupin iraq this strain majorly helped me and I promise to make cuts and pass it to everyone. I will make the drive to who ever has it thanks. [email protected] is email to be reached

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