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NOFF Medical Marijuana Strain Review

From: Boulder Medical Marijuana Center (BMMC)

Grade: A-

Type: Hybrid, leans slightly Indica-dominant

Lineage: Colorado Cough (Northern Lights #5 x Haze #17) x Northern Lights #5

Price: $50/8th

Appearance: (8.25/10)  A robust medium-dark green color, this strain seemed to take mostly after the Colorado cough in appearance, with an open structure that showed off the trichomes well.  The calyxes are covered with tall, uniform trichomes that mostly hover between clear and cloudy — while we would normally like to see some ambering, the early harvest may have been intentional to control the tone of the experience.  We saw a few very tiny immature seeds scattered about the flowers, which was the lone grow flaw we found in this sample.

Aroma: (7/10)  While not a smell that will really impress anyone, this strain smelled much like we would expect, given the lineage.  It was lightly citrusy, with a spicy, hashy background that increased in pungency when ground or broken up.  It essentially smelled to us like Colorado Cough with less of the Haze qualities.

Taste: (6.5/10)  Like the smell, the flavor wasn’t overtly pungent or noteworthy in terms of appeal.  We got some lightly floral flavors that brought to mind hibiscus tea and some light citrus overtones, but otherwise it was mostly earthy and a bit smoky.  One thing that we all liked about this strain is how smooth it was, never really making us cough due to either harshness or expansion — great choice for those who love a smooth smoking experience.

Effects: This was the area where this strain really shined, after a middling performance in the smell and taste areas.  The initial effects of this strain came on strongly, but seemed to increase in potency further over the first 30 minutes or so.  A “facial mask” pressure feeling, slightly reddened eyes, and what one reviewer referred to as a “glazing euphoria” overtook us, immediately taking hold of our mental focus and leaving us a bit detached from the world.  The senses seemed open and aware, but the brain was a bit slow at handling the sensory inputs.  Body-wise, there was a strong relaxation happening in the neck and shoulder area after the first hour especially, which served to kill off upper back pain and gave us a feeling similar to just coming out of a sauna.  the slight mental stupor (it was described positively as a “meditative state”)  combined with the deep body relaxation made the second half of this experience superb for a quiet evening at home rather than out and about.  A long, steady dwindle of effect left us ready for sleep by the end.

Duration: Very long, 2.5 hours medicinal-level potency, 3+ hours overall

Medicinal Traits: (We are NOT doctors – personal opinion ONLY)  Deep body and mind relaxation, pain relief (great for upper back, neck, and shoulder issues especially), appetite stimulation, relief of digestive issues, anti-anxiety, and sleep aid.

Overall: This strain is essentially adding more Indica influence to the Colorado Cough by backcrossing it to the Northern Lights #5 — that lineage could be seen in all parts of the experience we had.  We never expected all that much from the flavor and smell of the strain for that reason, and that basically shook out the way we expected, with none of us really finding those elements remarkable.  However, we all felt that the effects were superb, especially given that it outlasted most strains in terms of medicinal-level potency and overall duration.  This is a perfect strain for a day off at home or an evening after a tiring day of work, serving to deeply relax the mind and body and relieve most pains.  It didn’t really elevate our mood, but put it us in a contemplative, at-ease state that would be conducive to activities such as yoga or meditation.  It fell just shy of the ‘A’ range due to the smell and taste areas, but it is definitely ‘A’ medication in terms of effects and duration, make no mistake about it.

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  • Thomas Culver
    October 6, 2011 at 1:12 pm |

    This strain, along with the more indica dominant phenotype, Super Noff, are incredible strains to say the least. Being an extreme cannabis enthusiast, (not a veteran by any means :p) Boulder MMC always continues to satisfy with some of the most killer, tasty, potent medicine in Colorado. PLEASE CONTINUE to review strains from Boulder MMC!!

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