K2 (CAM)

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K2 Medicinal Marijuana Strain Review

From:  CAM

Grade:  A-

Type:  Indica-dominant hybrid, Sweet Tooth x OG Kush

Price:  $20/gram – $50/8th mix-n-match

Appearance:  A good visible trich level true to its White heritage, just a hint of purple veins in this sample.

Aroma:  Has a limey, citrus smell with a bit of natural fertilizer.

Taste:  A piney taste with medium expansion.

Buzz Type:  Very quick.  I inteded to watch a movie and immediately passed on the couch and TV, but my head had an Indica stone attached to it.  Definitely mixed buzz.

Buzz Length:  Medium.  1.5 – 2 hours +

Medicinal Use:  (We are NOT doctors – personal opinion ONLY)   Had no recognition of my back pain (spine and nerve issues) for at least the first hour.  Don’t use with heart problem or blood pressure issues, my heart was going a mile-a-minute for at least a good half-hour.  Appetite increaser towards end of buzz (proof: I ate two English muffin, mayo, cheese and salt sandwiches at midnight…)

Overall:  I really like the K2 and I will follow-up this review with an update from this strain in a couple different settings. From just 3 pipe tokes I was very high from the solid potency and didn’t step down to the 2nd level for an hour.  My body had an enjoyable buzz and my mind was able to shut down or focus based upon the activity at hand.  This is a good multi-use strain with a punch.

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