Herojuana (BC, Inc.)

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Herojuana Medical Marijuana Strain Review

From:  BC, Inc.

Grade:  B+

Type:  Indica-dominant hybrid, Outdoor Kentucky strain x Petrolia Headstash

Price: $50/8th

Appearance:  Lime green with orange bundles, large dense buds.

Aroma: Organic, not very strong smell of pinewood and leaves.

Taste: Earthy holiday spice and cedar.

Buzz Type:  The “creepiest”, in fact I experienced a subtle rise for a near half hour before reaching full effect. This one had all of the classic properties of a strong indica (heavy head, eyes & body) and yet I felt the place to be was on my feet.  Though I didn’t look it, I was able to stay functioning and mentally sharp.

Buzz Length: Long. 2 Hours

Medicinal Use: (We are NOT doctors – personal opinion ONLY)   Joint pain and arthritis, headache and nausea.

Overall:  I’ve had similar “stand-up indicas” before, but this one had the most apparent dual effect and was a very welcome surprise.  Most reports say this specimen should trance you like heroin, and while it had the strong indica effects, it didn’t overwhelm me like I thought it would (I’ve never done heroin – disclaimer for comparison).

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