Great White (Dr. Reefer)

Written by KindReviews on March 8th, 2010. Posted in B+, Blog, Dr. Reefer, Sativa-Dominant Hybrid

From: Dr. Reefer

Grade:  B+

Type: Hybrid. (commonly White Widow x Skunk #1)  older varieties called ”Peacemaker” and “Shark Shock”.  Better genetics found here.

Price: $20/gram

Appearance:  Pretty leafy, appeared sticky and it was quite sticky inside.

Aroma:  Nice citrus/sweet burst of scent, very aromatic.

Taste:  Never got a great feeling for the taste even with a couple different reviews, but I did notice a bit of a “bite” to it on the tongue.  One you say, “I know that taste” but you never end up knowing exactly.

Buzz Type:  Nice body, plus total Space Cadet – with some mild to heavy paranoia involved.

Buzz Length:  Long. 2+ hours

Pain Management:  (We are NOT doctors – personal opinion ONLY)  Yes.  This was excellent for me, neck and back pain were instantly forgotten and it stayed that way for a long while.  One could easily get through a tough bout of pain and then drift off to sleep.

Overall:  This strain is one I will definitely go back for.  I really enjoyed the good expansion, the body aspect and the huge head high.  If I didn’t find the mid to strong paranoia each time I would like it even more.  Some folks really enjoy that aspect, but if you are a new patient, go slow, this is one you could easily over do.

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