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Flo Medical Marijuana Strain Review

From: MariTrust

Grade: A-

Type: Sativa-dominant hybrid

Lineage: Highland Thai, Purple Thai, and Afghani genetic lines — for more info, see Flo’s strain profile

Price: $42/8th, $200/oz

Appearance: (8.5/10)  Like most examples of this strain, it’s simply beautiful to look at when it’s in your hand.  The collection of colors that Flo tends to display come mostly from the Purple Thai side of the family and include blue, purple scarlet, and even some pink hues — this one had all but the pink in one spot or another.  The structure was definitely Sativa, yet nicely solid, while the trim was adequate and didn’t detract from the experience at all.  We did find a few tiny seeds that developed and some of the outer trichomes were damaged, but on the naked eye type of level, it was nearly flawless.

Aroma: (9/10)  If you know and love the strain, you already know what we’re going to talk about here… Flo just smells amazing.  Simply put, it’s one of our favorite smells in the world of cannabis and seems to deliver every time — this one is no exception, instantly vaulting itself among the top examples we’ve smelled.  The very pungent, lightly mentholated, sweet berry-meets-anise-meets-musk bouquet it has tingles the nose and gets the user excited to try it, even before it’s ground up.  This one had more sweetness than many Flos do, which seemed to improve the aroma further.

Taste: (8.5/10)  Like the smell, this Flo was one of the better examples of the strain in that it exhibited all of the notable characteristics in a very pungent and enjoyable manner.  The same anise-kissed berry sweetness hits the tongue on the attack, but the aftertaste is very spicy and musky (perhaps earthy… tastes of soil as well), hanging on the palate for several minutes after consumption.  The smoke itself was very smooth and actually seemed to soothe the throat thanks to the mentholated quality it had.  We did take slight issue with the flush, as the final ash was a medium-dark gray, indicating that it could’ve used a longer flush period.

Effects: Almost immediately after finishing the session, a smile begins to creep across our faces… this seems to happen time and time again with Flo, and this one was no exception.  Flo is just a good mood type of strain, immediately elevating the mood and reducing the stress of a day.  A pleasant massaging-type feeling around the crown of the head, trailing to the back of the neck, as well as a light, floaty-feeling torso had our bodies feeling great, but not particularly inclined to movement since we felt so comfortable.  Clear-headed, social, and mentally-motivated, we found ourselves doing random activities and barely noticing the time flying by.  As it began to dwindle at around 2 hours, it took on a more direct relaxation effect, leaving us feeling slightly drained at times.

Duration: Long, 2.5 – 3 hours

Medicinal Traits: (We are NOT doctors – personal opinion ONLY)  Major mood elevation, sensory enhancement, muscle relaxation, mental relaxation, anti-anxiety, and some pain relief (one reviewer who is suffering from a broken tooth reported solid relief from that pain).

Overall: The bag appeal on this Flo is nearly perfect aside from the tiny seeds and the roughly-handled exterior trichomes… otherwise, it’s simply beautiful and smells/tastes amazing.  If you like Flo at all, this is a very good example of the strain in all areas, providing the stereotypical taste, smell, and effects that the strain’s become famous for.  This is a perfect daytime uplifter that serves to also ease body tensions and pain, making it a true hybrid feeling throughout the experience.  We may be a little biased towards liking Flo just because it’s such an aromatic and exotic-tasting strain, but it proves itself time and time again with its medicinal value and overall quality… this one from MariTrust continues that trend.

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