Diesel Dawg (CCF)

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Diesel Dawg Medical Marijuana Review

From:  Colorado Care Facility

Grade:  A-

Type:  Hybrid – East Coast Sour Diesel  x Chem 91 55/45 Indica to Sativa

Price: $55/8th

Appearance:  Different hues of green – large and well taken care of.

Aroma: Chemical pine & menthol fuel

Taste:   A clean lemon (no astringent flavor common with the “cleaner” tasting strains) with good expansion

Buzz Type:  A sharp, well adjusted buzz with lifted visual & auditory awareness. The wavy, happy feeling kept me on my feet with full coordination and drive as well as being mentally disciplined for writing and other seated activities.  Maybe a little sativa dominance in this one, but a good mixture.

Buzz Length: Medium. 1.5 – 2+ Hours.

Medicinal Use: (We are NOT doctors – personal opinion ONLY) Well recommended for fatigue and introversion with only mildly satisfactory nerve/bone pain relief.  Muscle based (leg cramps and similar) were knocked out quite well.  IBS was immediately relieved, but not much appetite stimulation.

Overall:  Great bud, when I first hit it I could tell it was clean and well maintained throughout the grow. After hitting the vaporizer I had an immediate couch lock that lasted about 4 minutes. Then I was alert and happy doing just about anything, watching a movie or editing photos. Overall a great bud for varied situations, I would’ve liked to see a little more longevity for a higher grade.

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