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Product Name: CannaTabs 10mg

From:  OrganaLabs

Type:  Dissolving sugar pill, made using OrganaLabs’ CO2-extracted hash oil

Dosage:  8-12 mg per tablet, packaging suggests 1-2 tablets every 6-8 hours

Price: $30 per pack of 10 pills ($3 per tablet)

*note on multiple FSL results above:  the formula of CannaTabs changed slightly before retail release and we sent both formulations for testing — the results which expire in April are the retail CannaTabs, and all reviews were performed with the new version*

Packaging/Visual Appeal: (9/10)  CannaTabs come in a smart, small, durable plastic container with an unscrewing lid that stays secure and tight.  The tablets rattle around a bit, but seem very durable and don’t get damaged with normal travel and use.  The packaging is very professional-looking, with a warning label which seals the package (so you can tell if it’s been opened prior to purchasing), as well as clearly-labeled ingredients and dosage information.

The tablets themselves are a moderately shiny dark orange-red color with a flecked appearance and a prominent “OL” stamped into the surface.  They are extremely small and discreet, with each tablet measuring only approximately 1/4″ in diameter.  Again, they look professional and are presented as nicely as anyone can expect for such a simple, small product.  All bases were covered here except information on what strains were used in the extraction — but as we’ve learned, the strains going into CO2 extractions don’t seem to matter as much as with something like bubble hash, as it’s really just refining and isolating the cannabinoid compounds moreso than flavinoids and terpenes.

Aroma: (*/10)  These pills aren’t really something you consume for the smell.  One reviewer got a distinct dried tropical fruit scent (like the mixed pack with mangoes, pineapple, and papaya), but the rest reported no smell at all.

Taste: (6/10)  These tablets are made to dissolve under the tongue, but some patients may opt to (or simply not be aware of the proper ingestion method) simply swallow them.  The flavor at first was a pleasant tropical fruit type of flavor, but it quickly took on a much more medicinal quality.  Some of the staff really did not like the flavor at all, and complained about the tacky film the tablets seemed to leave on the lips and tongue after and during consumption.  The flavor tastes like, well, CO2 hash oil — some people can deal with the flavor of eating it, and others can’t, so this is really a personal preference thing.

One negative on this method of consumption is that these particular pills took at least 15 minutes to dissolve completely when left under the tongue or moved around the mouth a bit.  That’s a long time to have something in your mouth, and it frankly became a bit fatiguing after about 5 minutes… we wanted to just swallow it, but kept to the package’s specific instructions.  There is a key difference in absorption between sub-lingual application and consumption — sub-lingual methods make the effects kick in more quickly, within 5-10 minutes when taken with food, according to the packaging.

Effects: The tablets took our staff between 15 and 25 minutes to dissolve completely under the tongue, but seemed to kick in within 30 minutes of disappearing.  We had a staff member who accidentally swallowed the tablet, and it seemed to make the effects take an additional 30-45 minutes to appear.  Regardless, the first feelings were of a strong warming sensation in the face, neck, and eyes that then progressed downwards over the following 30 minutes.  Mentally we all were put in a very tranquil, calm sort of state, which went very well with the warmth and overall comfort.

The effects lasted our staff between 3 and 4 hours for the most part, regardless of whether it was swallowed or dissolved — the effects simply came on later when swallowed.  The effects began their decline at around the 2 hour mark, but even the lingering effects served to relax us and, for nighttime users, ease into sleep.

It’s worth noting that we have several staff members who medicate primarily with edibles, and some with high tolerances.  One reviewer who medicates with edibles more than anything else reported that a single pill had no noticeable effects… so for edibles-only patients, one pill might just not be enough.  One staff member who has issues flying consumed two tablets before a trip and was falling asleep before takeoff, so it really does depend on your body chemistry, tolerance, and number of pills taken whether or not these will meet your medical needs in a “dosage”.

Medical Uses: Moderate and lasting body relaxation, mental relaxation, some appetite stimulation qualities, minor pain relief, anti-nausea, and sleep aid at higher dosages.

Overall:  These CannaTabs are something that could be an amazingly discreet and reliable method of medicating, given their small size, incognito appearance, low caloric index, and virtually invisible method of ingestion (you’re not eating a giant hash-scented brownie, etc.).  The packaging and overall presentation is extremely professional, while we thought the flavor and the time it takes to dissolve can definitely be improved-upon.

The effects with a single pill are mild, but lasting, and at the suggested price per dosage, very reasonable in the marketplace.  Most patients will find the best and most direct relief in 2 or more tablets, but patients desiring mild relief, or those with low tolerances, will find that one tables is sufficient for relaxation and relief of discomfort.

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