Stone Mountain Bubble Hash (Southwest Alternative Care)

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Name: Stone Mountain Bubble Hash

From: Southwest Alternative Care

Type: Water extraction via “bubble bag”, made from 100% Stone Mountain (Indica-dominant strain)

Price: $30/gram

Consumption Method:  Glass pipe with screen

Visual (7/10): This sample wasn’t nearly as attractive in terms of coloration and texture as other extracts we’ve had lately, but some of that just comes with the water hash vs. butane extraction territory.  This sample is a rather dark-looking hash, with a grayish cast from a distance that makes it look like pea gravel.  Up close, there is a little bit of visible green (plant matter), but perhaps more interestingly, you can see the masses of ambered trichome heads, which may be largely responsible for the darker coloring.  Texture-wise, it was clearly pressed rather hard, as it’s a bit difficult to break apart at times but tends to stay in chunks rather than crumble into a difficult-to-handle dust.

Smell/Flavor (6/10): This one is definitely a mixed bag — we got a nice “hashy” (for lack of a better word) spiciness, and the smell was surprisingly strong for the dry-looking texture.  It’s not as fragrant and amazing as some recent reviews, but it’s certainly solid.

Taste-wise, it was more on the negative side except for the initial 1-2 hits.  Those initial hits were a strange but enjoyable slightly sweet fruit-meets-musk flavor, but the latter hits gave off that burnt hash taste very strongly, reminding us of gasoline at times.  It burned away to a coal-like white ash that collapsed when poked, so good marks for purity in that sense.  The last part of the smoking experience was not pleasurable at all for our crew, but this one is less about the flavor than the effect…

Consumption (7/10): We consumed this hash in a standard pipe with a screen, and though it started melting slightly when heated (mostly sweating and surface bubbling), it was not what we’d consider full-melt by a long shot.  Once the initial flavor came out of it (first 1-2 hits), it simply started burning away at the sides, eventually combusting entirely.

Effects/Duration: We were somewhat surprised at the level of initial potency with this water hash, as it rivaled many of the butane extractions we’ve had in terms of early effects.  Contrary to the strain lineage (Stone Mountain is a very strong Indica and has lots of body effects), this one slammed us right in the head, causing a lot of pressure fluctuations and a light-headed almost dizzy feeling, along with odd pressure influx/outflow from the chest area.

Once those initial feeling calmed down a bit, we entered into a much more somatic and relaxing state, with a nearly numb body.  Despite those heavy effects, we were able to function as normal, both in physical and mental tasks.  For one reviewer who was dealing with nausea prior to medicating, this hash did the trick and motivated him to eat a meal.  For another reviewer, it was just the thing that helped his back tension to allow for work in the garden.  The effects slowly faded out over 3 hours, the latter 1.5 of which were essentially a pleasant fog, which makes the overall duration longer than most extracts we’ve reviewed.

Overall: While one reviewer was too put off by the taste to really want to use this extract for medicating on a regular basis, the effects were superb for our staff overall.  Beyond being long-lasting, it was fairly balanced in terms of initial, potent Sativa effects and lasting, relaxing Indica effects.  The strain that went into it is much the same way — not the tastiest thing around by a long shot, but it packs quite the punch and a very high medicinal value.  We’d like to see some cleaner, higher-purity bubble hash made from the same strain, as this was one of the most medicinal hash samples we’ve encountered, but the overall look and the way it burned (namely, not bubbling and melting away) left us wanting, thinking of the possibilities to improve the smoking experience.

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  • dagger
    April 11, 2011 at 11:26 am |

    that’s bubble hash?!?!?! holy shit, mine always looks like mud.

    looks more like dry sift kief to me.

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