Sour Grape

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(the samples pictured above are from Heartland Pharmacy and Mile High Green Cross)


General Information

Type:  Hybrid (leans Indica)

Genetics:  Grape Ape x Sour Diesel

Geographic Origin:  California, USA

Seed Company/Clone:  Apothecary Genetics

Description:  Different from the Gage Green Grape Stomper which was renamed “Sour Grapes” by Blue Sky Collective in Oakland, this cut is from Apothecary Genetics and is their Grape Ape crossed with a Sour Diesel.  The hybrid produces larger nugs than the Ape and demonstrates the hybrid vigor one would expect from such a cross.  The mottled purple coloration and tangy sour grape-meets flowers aroma is immediately enticing to users, while the flavor and potent effects keep them coming back for more.


Story:  Bred by Apothecary Genetics from their Grape Ape mother, this strain is often confused with “Sour Grapes”, an alternate name for Gage Green Genetics’ “Grape Stomper”, an entirely different cross.  This confusion has not stopped either strain from gaining major popularity in both the California and Colorado medical markets.

Awards:  2011 High Times Denver Medical Cannabis Cup – 1st Place Hybrid (Mile High Green Cross)

Growing Information

Flowering Time:  55 to 62 days

Preferred Growing Medium:  A robust plant, Sour Grape branches well and responds positively to SCROG setups but can also be grown untopped for a fairly large single cola and moderate side growth.  This plant can take fairly heavy feedings and grows equally well in soil or hydroponic setups.

Patient Expectations

Appearance:  Like its parent strain Grape Ape, Sour Grapes tends to be a mottled purple rather than turning entirely purple, with a collection of soft almost pastel-like colors blending into a harmonious whole.  The nugs are of medium density thanks to a bit of Sativa influence added from the Diesel, but they still mostly retain the Grape Ape shape and overall structure.  Trichome coverage is above average but there is still enough room to let the color shine through (it doesn’t look white to the naked eye).

Scent:  An engaging mix of the two parent strains, Sour Grapes has a fairly soft grape sweetness in the bag but blows up into a complex sour fruit aroma with hints of flowers and incense lingering in the background.  It doesn’t tend to have outward Diesel elements, but the added sharpness can definitely be detected among the Grape-dominant package of smells.

Flavor:  Sweet and sour grape dominates the flavor, and the Diesel takes a definite backseat, never really being picked up except in that the taste is unlike the standard Grape Ape.  It has an expansive, thick smoke which can often cause coughing.

Effects:  As would be expected with the parental lineage, the effects feel almost like a 50/50 hybrid of Indica and Sativa, with both seemingly coexisting peacefully rather than pulling the patient one way then another.  A balanced mix of facial and head effects blend with a buzzing body that tends to be most comfortable when immobile, resulting in a relaxed but mentally-aware state that is suitable and fairly productive for sedentary mental tasks, but not particularly suited to more strenuous activity.  It hits hard early on and then peters out quite a bit after the hour mark, converting into more of a base relaxation but still retaining mental clarify and not reaching into the heavy, sleepy end of the Indica spectrum.

Sour Grape has shown promise in relief of digestive problems, nausea, anxiety, and mooderate muscle tension.  It also stimulates the appetite quite a bit while improving mood in an even-handed manner, making it suitable for patients seeking versatile relief for either day or night.

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