Bubba Kush (Verde Wellness Center)

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Bubba Kush Medical Marijuana Strain Review

From: Verde Wellness Center

Grade: A-

Type: Indica-dominant, this particular Bubba is a cut from 1996

Price: $50/8th

Appearance: (8.75/10)  This Bubba is lighter than most that we’re used to seeing — it had a light minty green color and the pistils were also a lighter golden orange rather than the normal Bubba brick red.  This definitely seems to be a somewhat rare cut, as it just seemed quite different than the ones we’ve had locally in a variety of ways.  The harvest timing was very good, with a collection of golden and amber-headed trichomes amongst clear and cloudy.  Structure-wise, it’s exactly what we expect from the notoriously low-yielding plant, with dense oddly-shaped nuggets made up mostly of large calyxes.  The only real flaw we found were a couple of tiny seeds, which were only noticed via the microscope.

Aroma: (8.75/10)  Strong marks for this Bubba thanks to its fairly unique musky pine aroma.  Though it lacked some of the normal chocolate/coffee Bubba aroma, we almost liked it more for that uniqueness.  It has a very pungent aroma in the jar/bag prior to being ground up, easily being noticed from several feet away.  The complexity and uniqueness seemed to come out post-grind, where it freshened up to a piney sharpness that reminded us of more aggressive Kush cuts such as LA.

Taste: (8.5/10)  Fresher and more frontal than most Bubbas, this one seemed to carry a piney flavor on the inhale, changing to a more spicy, floral, incense-like flavor on the exhale and aftertaste.  Like most Bubbas, the taste hangs in your head for quite some time and leaves a pleasant spicy smell in the air.  Though we really enjoyed the flavor, the final ash was a murky medium gray, indicating that the flush could’ve been quite a bit better.

Effects: A potent start to the experience felt typically Sativa in nature, with a rush of heat to the head and eyes, ocular pressure, and a major uptick in heart rate.  A trait that all reviewers noticed with this sample was that it created waves of coursing energy (like a massager) up and down the upper back and neck area, which helped really improve our physical state.  The internal energy and mental uptick that it created initially lasted for a solid 45 minutes, but then changed its tenor quite a bit, developing a much mroe relaxed and sedative state.  The pleasant body waves kept up, but now the internal energy was gone and we were left to enjoy the relaxation.  Whether it was shoveling snow, constant back issues, or muscle tension, this Bubba seemed to help it all — the medicinal properties were long-lasting and even the comedown felt very therapeutic.

Duration: Long, 3+ hours

Medicinal Traits: (We are NOT doctors – personal opinion ONLY)  Heavy muscle relaxation, pain relief, mood elevation, energy to start, and sleep aid to finish.

Overall: We were a bit confused by the aroma and taste, as they were different than the vast majority of Bubba Kush cuts we’ve tried — some reviewers liked it more than normal, others were less blow-away, but we all enjoyed it thoroughly.  It’s rare that all reviewers report a nearly identical physical sensation, but the massaging upper back qualities this one displayed were probably the best part of the experience.  For patients seeking a medicinal Indica that doesn’t go right for the tiredness from the start, this Bubba from Verde offers a unique experience that will impress even those who are nonplussed with the strain after years of similar cuts.  A few minor flaws aside, this is a great Bubba — if those issues are corrected, we can easily see this one in the strong A range due to its lasting duration and high medicinal value.

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