Bruce Banner #3 (Delta 9)

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Bruce Banner #3 Medical Marijuana Strain Review

From: Delta 9

Grade:  A+

Type:  Hybrid,  (Strawberry Diesel x OG Kush)

Price:  $40/8th

Appearance:  Light green buds that were covered in crystals.

Aroma:  Diesel, hash and a slight fruit which is no shocker considering the strains that went into this hybrid.

Taste:  Soil, with a little sweetness.

Buzz Type:  Pretty intense at first with a relaxing finish.

Buzz Length:  Long. 2 – 2.5 hours.

Medicinal Use: (We are NOT doctors – personal OPINION only)  Worked very well for leg, extremity nerve and muscle pains.

Overall: The only bad things I can say about this bud is that I always wanted more and I wish it lasted a little longer. I had an insatiable appetite for this strain. This strain has everything I like in a bud, it comes on strong (almost lock the door turn off the lights strong), then turns energetic then a relaxing finish. This strain has a nice expansion that makes you cough but not to much.  The buds are covered in trichomes and the buds are very well manicured. I was equally impressed that one of the owners of the shop created the Bruce Banner strain and has a degree in Botany.  The owners of the shop are definitely cool people and I would say this is one of my favorite spots.

Re-Review 4.1.2010

Grade: A-

Reason: This particular crop of the BB#3 isn’t quite what we previously reviewed.  While this strain is still AMAZING and should be picked up when available, this grow didn’t produce the same power.  We found the Jack Flash was having a stronger effect across the board, multiple tests confirmed this across all of our reviewers.  The smell was still perfect, one of the very best there is, but it seems maybe the nutrients weren’t fully flushed because not only did we get the trademark “firecracker popping” when the bowl was lit, but we also missed the wonderful taste.  This one was a little soapy tasting.  Hey, we understand it’s hard to live up to the best of the best, so we aren’t disappointed at all.  The fact remains, this strain is at the top with the best in the world in our eyes, but the pent up demand and time pressures seem to have affected this harvest.

UPDATE 9/2/10:  As we have already re-reviewed and lowered the overall grade of this strain, we felt that it was time to pull it from the A+ listing on our site and average it out to an A.  We wanted a fresh start with A+ grades, and though the first batch of Bruce Banner #3 certainly earned its A+ at the time, our standards have since changed and due to the availability of the strain, we have not been able to re-review it with our current three-reviewer methodology.  The historical A+ remains, and the Bruce will always be one of our favorites in Colorado.

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Comments (3)

  • maybellinenicka
    June 4, 2010 at 11:02 pm |

    I’ve got to say that in my opinion, Bruce Banner is the most overhyped strain in Colorado next to BioDiesel from Denver Relief. It is a great strain, but not the best of the best as every review says. It has a great high, but a very weak odor and taste for such a hyped strain. Both the Bruce Banner and the Strawberry Diesel parent strain have a taste similar to a weaker Strawberry Cough, with the Banner also having a very slight diesel/OG edge. Delta 9′s Sherpa has ten times the odor and taste of the Bruce Banner and is just as good a strain IMO. Still great herb and I highly recommend buying it if it’s in stock, but to those who haven’t had the chance to try it yet, don’t think you are missing out on some miracle strain.

  • itsmaybellinenicka
    June 29, 2010 at 12:52 pm |

    Okay, I want to retract my previous comment about the Bruce Banner. It must have been a weaker batch because I got some more and it is much, much better and I now agree with the other reviewers. Also, they have it a lot more often now.

  • .::d35TR0Y3R::.
    September 25, 2011 at 10:13 pm |

    Bruce Banner #3 is Def in my top 5… We grow it @ 9,000+ ft Elevation and also in the flats. The product from the higher elevation is by far SUPREME to the bud grown in the flats(Same Nuet schedule/medium/Co2/etc…) I’ve smoked TERRIBLE BB3, its all depends on the grower and the conditions. (SHE HATES ANY HEAT above 80) Delta9 is still my Fav spot for Genetics, I havnt been disappointed yet.

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