Super Silver Haze (De Rokerij Amsterdam)

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Strain:  Super Silver Haze

From:  De Rokerij (Amstel) – Amsterdam, Netherlands

Pickup Date:  11/19/2011

This is an informal review for a strain which we picked up while in Amsterdam, one of the first samples on the trip.  This Super Silver Haze grabbed our attention immediately among the choices on display, as we were fresh off a long plane ride and looking for an uplifting, yet not nerve-jangling Sativa.  The crisp yet pungent eucalyptus-citrus sweetness given off by the fairly small (by Colorado standards) jar was enough to make us grab some, but it also looked to have a nice, calyx-heavy structure and a moderate amount of trichomes.

One thing we noticed about Amsterdam herb is that it appears to be cured well overall, with a spongy yet snappy texture which breaks up perfectly info a fluffy mix for joints.  The different in humidity from Colorado to Amsterdam is probably responsible for a lot of that, but we really appreciated the change and this SSH was no exception.  We rolled up a large slim cone and it tasted pretty wonderful down to the paper, with a soft sweetness and the signature SSH citrusy kick.

An immediate mood uplift as well as a roaring body effect set us right early on, and the enduring effect made the rest of the walk to the hotel a dream-like affair. which admittedly can be dangerous among the whirring bicycles, trams, and cars that cover Amsterdam’s streets.  This strain gave us exactly what we were looking for in terms of effect, just putting a huge smile on our faces and relaxing the body enough to ease the tension of a 9 hour plane flight.

After taking some of the remaining herb home to photograph, we noticed the prevalence of amber-headed trichomes, which seemed to really take the edge off of this strain and make it more outwardly relaxing and stoney than it would be otherwise.  However, we also saw what appearedd to be a couple of spider mites, which is an unfortunate discovery for such an otherwise pleasing sample.  Because of Amsterdam’s murky coffeeshop supply chain, it’s difficult to assign blame on anyone in particular for bug issues, as this strain may have been grown in a greenhouse or outdoors.  Still, it’s disappointing, but we also have to remember that the mites themselves aren’t anything harmful (we can only hope the strain wasn’t improperly sprayed with pesticides — it burned clean and was very smooth, so there were no indications of that), and Amsterdam cannabis is non-medical, effectively lowering the bar for cleanliness and quality compared to the medical cannabis of Colorado.

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