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Product Name: Enjoy Jars

Retail Price: $12.95 + shipping for consumers, discounts for bulk purchases

The Enjoy Jar is a container designed specifically for medical marijuana patients who regularly have multiple strains on-hand.  The product itself is out of Los Angeles and is being offered as a jar solution for both consumer and dispensary use.  According to a pamphlet that came with the jars, “The Enjoy Jar consists of 4 ‘no mix’ compartments, capable of holding 5+ grams of medicine apiece.  Smell-proof, airtight, and water-resistant, the jar promises to keep its contents well protected and totally fresh.”

During our multiple week review process, we put these claims to the test and the results are a bit mixed — read on for more…

High Marks for Durability

The Enjoy Jar is made of clear polycarbonate and contains four divided compartments made of the same material — the lid, however, is a different type of standard plastic that bends easily with pressure (the lid is printed with the company’s “Enjoy!” slogan).  Also included with the standard Enjoy Jar is a small “Nugtainer” that holds a small amount of medicine for travel purposes.  Further, there is an included hemp fiber drawstring bag emblazoned with their logo (in Lakers gold and purple) and a large Flower of Life design.


The jar itself appears to be able to withstand quite a beating — we didn’t try to run it over with a car or anything, but it is definitely made of tough material and we can’t see it being broken in normal use.

Design Flaws

The first and most major issue we found is the lid and compartment design, which does serve to keep meds separate from one another, but fails in other important areas.  We immediately thought of a pill box as a design improvement, simply because the Enjoy Jar forces you to open the entire thing rather than being able to open one compartment at a time.  This makes it more difficult to retrieve the final scraps out of one near-empty compartment without dumping the rest of the contents out.  Separate lids for each compartment would do wonders for the ease of use, though it may be harder to manufacture, possibly raising the price.

Airtight?  We Put it to the Test…

Another issue with the lid/compartment design as it exists currently is that it doesn’t actually appear to be airtight between compartments.  To test this, we left some very well-dried meds in one compartment and filled the compartment across from it halfway with water.  After about 4 days left with the lid on tight, the meds had moistened significantly, showing that the compartments aren’t internally airtight from one another, meaning that the smells are mingling as well.  In our estimation, having separate compartments with separate lids would solve this issue as well.

We Don’t Want to See the Light

Another major design issue with the Enjoy Jar that calls into question the claim of keeping its contents “well protected and totally fresh” is the fact that it’s an almost entirely clear container.  Simply put, light degrades THC and keeping the Enjoy Jar out in your house would serve to slowly dwindle away the THC in your meds.  A simple change to make the jars dark-colored or opaque with a white writing space on the outside of each compartment (for labeling purposes) would solve this problem and keep the meds much more safe from light degradation.


Label Your Meds

One selling point of the Enjoy Jars is that it allows you to label the compartments with a marker on either the lid (which always screws to the same location when threaded properly) or the outside of the container itself.  When empty, you can simply rub off the marker with rubbing alcohol on a paper towel or cotton ball and re-label.  The only issue with this we found is that the raised “ENJOY” on the lid limits writing “real estate” on two of the compartments, as it disrupts the marker tip with its raised edges.

Too Big, Yet Not Big Enough?

Nearly every person, male or female, that we presented the Enjoy Jar to and asked for an opinion on it said the same thing, “it’s too big.”  It seems to hover somewhere between an overnight travel bag/backpack-sized item and something smaller and truly travel-sized… it’s entirely too large for pockets, most modern smaller handbags, and would even be a bit of a chunk in a briefcase.  As a daily use item, we all agreed that it would mostly be left at home or taken on overnight trips rather than carted around due to its size.


However, the compartments themselves are just small enough to not accommodate a standard Bic lighter (they do fit mini-Bics) or 1 1/4″ rolling papers, limiting their usefulness for anything but medicine.  The compartments at their widest point accommodate a 3″ long nug — if you’re someone like us who doesn’t like to cram your medicine into jars, the 5g apiece claims are perhaps slightly high, depending on the moisture content of your meds.  We managed to fit about 4g of well-dried meds into a compartment without breaking it to bits.  It does fit quite a few of the small extract/hash containers — we managed to fit 6 small ones in a compartment… so its use definitely increases for patients who carry lots of extracts.


A Tale of Two Uses

While we see limited use for the Enjoy Jars as a daily use vessel for our meds, we do see potential for the product in dispensaries.  The main one would be for shops to offer the jars to their members when they sign up, giving discounts to them for re-using the Enjoy Jar rather than going through tons of plastic med bottles.  The ability for the jars to hold 3.5g or more in each compartment as well as multiple smaller containers for extracts, etc. makes it attractive as a “4 strain special” type of vessel, allowing patients to receive several strains labeled and separated.  Re-using containers is a good idea when there’s a giant island of plastic spinning around in the Pacific Ocean right now, so the thought is appreciated here.


Summing It Up

We were very mixed on the Enjoy Jar as a whole.  It is too big for daily use, but too small and/or oddly-shaped for common uses (won’t fit most lighters or many papers), we think this will find its place most easily as a promotional item for regular customers of dispensaries.  A major improvement would be separating the compartments a la pill boxes and possibly adding a thin one that will fit a lighter and papers, making it more of a utility travel companion.  Along with actually separating the compartments via separate lids, changing the coloring from clear to something dark and opaque would also go a long way towards preserving the quality of the meds and making the Enjoy Jar a viable long-term storage solution.  The main use we’ve found for it is containing many tiny hash and extract jars, making them easier to carry around all at once.

We appreciate how durable the jar is and its possible uses to reduce waste, but that really depends on it catching on and being easy enough for patients to carry around, which from our field research, didn’t seem to be the case.  We found too many areas lacking and ultimately think that the Enjoy Jar needs some major design improvements before it enters the upper-echelon of MMJ storage solutions, because of both logistical and scientific issues with its design.  It’s nice to not have 4 separate jars rolling around in your bag, but we’re not sure if the Enjoy Jar is a quality enough solution to that problem at this point.

Overall Grade: C

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  • Debi Davis
    March 4, 2012 at 6:18 am |

    I think it’s a decent design, but would like to see multiple compartment sizes, and also some opaque material rather than clear plastic. I live in a very sunny, arid climate, and with so much light all the time, I’d end up painting it black to keep the trichomes from deterioriating.

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