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We’ve already reviewed the Eclipse Water Vape’s “sister device”, the Essential Vape — in that review, we mentioned that the coughing is a big problem with the Essential.  The company’s de facto response to that sentiment is the Eclipse Water Vape, which fits into almost any water-based smoking device such as a bong or bubbler.  They also make a “glass on glass” version, but we’re reviewing the standard one, which will also fit in those type of pieces.  We’ll break down the Eclipse in much the same way we did the Essential, referring back to that review at times.

Design and Build Quality

Like the Essential, the Eclipse is made out of brushed red aluminum, which gives it a unique yet very clean and durable look/feel.  Also like the Essential, the only part that feels delicate at all are the vials, which are easily-replaceable and won’t break with normal use (really, only dropping it on a hard floor surface would likely break the vials… they’re rather strong).  The Eclipse doesn’t come with any kind of case, which makes it a little tougher to take around with you than the Essential… but since the Eclipse also required an external water piece to work properly, it’s not really meant for travel.

The only real complaint we have about the build quality of the Eclipse is that it sometimes clangs against the bong stem and makes us nervous due to its metal construction.  There are rubber rings that help it fit well into any stem and soften the internal blow, but the tip is unprotected and can hit the bong stem when you’re putting the piece in… if you have a $400 bong, it can be a little like playing a game of “Operation” trying not to touch the sides.

Grade: 8.5/10

Ease of Use

Aside from the actual insertion of the device (which really isn’t difficult, but if you do it quickly it might clang the stem), the Eclipse is great to use and very simple.  The best part about the Eclipse (like the Essential) is that you can use a standard lighter rather than a torch.  This reduces overall costs and also makes for less equipment to buy and handle during the session.  Standard lighters are safer than torches, bottom line — so that’s always a plus.  The Eclipse has two smooth grip indentations at the top of the device to help you pull it out of the stem which work well.

Cleaning is exactly the same as the Essential, with only the vials seeming to get any build-up of material in them.  You can clean the vials with a Q-Tip, Kosher salt, and rubbing alcohol or simply buy new ones at a science supply store.  Overall we really think the Eclipse is a well thought-out and smartly-designed device that goes a long way to improve upon the heat issue we experienced with the Essential.

Grade: 9/10

Smoking Experience

Unlike the Essential, the Eclipse has the capability of water filtration, which GREATLY reduces the coughing we experienced with the Essential.  It does seem to depend on the quality of the water piece a bit as to how much the coughing is reduced (triple percolator w/ice vs. small plastic bong, for example), but in general, it’s much easier to smoke and requires no special technique.

Bottom line, the Eclipse enables users to take very large hits with minimal coughing, making this our choice for general use due to that quality as well as its very solid taste, which is second only to the Essential itself in terms of purity.  It doesn’t totally eliminate coughing, but it’s about as much as we can hope for considering the volume of smoke/vapor you get out of it.  Again, like the Essential, there’s almost zero waste thanks to the vial system… it seems to make extracts go a long way, with the taste being great through the first 3 or so hits depending on the amount consumed.

Grade: 9/10

Out of all the extract consumption devices we’ve tried, the Eclipse may be our favorite for daily use.  Because it doesn’t require a lot of heating, doesn’t require the purchase of a torch, and works with almost any water piece you may have laying around, it’s a great choice for those looking to get into extracts.  You can smoke any sort of extract and even kief in this device (same with the Essential), making it a versatile choice.  The taste is second only to the Essential in terms of overall purity and pungency, being reduced mostly due to the taste of bong water rather than anything in the device itself.  Cleaning and maintenance is easy, it’s durable, and it’s a clear improvement over the Essential for every purpose except for travel use.  Definitely check out the Eclipse if the Essential was too “hot” for you… we think you’ll like it.

Overall Grade:  A-

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Comments (4)

  • DJ
    May 23, 2011 at 12:30 am |

    Lets say you forgot your bong, could you just inhale from the stem(i know it will be harsh)?
    And does this fit in a slider bong?

  • rlp
    May 24, 2011 at 3:59 am |

    Though we haven’t tried it, just looking at the design, I see no reason that you couldn’t hit the Eclipse Vape similarly to the Essential, though it would be a little awkward due to the angle of the vial and stem. And yes, it fits into practically any bong… I’m not 100% sure what you mean by “slider bong”, but the Eclipse has fit into any bong we’ve tried (both traditional and glass on glass), and some bubblers with long stems as well. Thanks to the tapered and tacky ring-laden stem, it will fit into basically anything… smart design for sure.

  • Oliver
    January 8, 2013 at 12:03 am |

    Hey there, was wondering how the Eclipse measures up with dry flower material.
    I am looking for an independent vaporizer for flowers, for my water pipe. No plugs or whips.

    IS the Eclipse a solid flower vaporizing unit, or are there others, more specifically designed for portable water pipe vaping?

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