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Product Name: Quad Dose Sativa

FromCheeba Chews

Type:  Medicated chocolate taffy made with hash oil

Dosage:  4 dosages per package, labeled as “70 mg THC +/- 10%”

Price: Retails anywhere from $7-$12

The experience in the first three categories was identical between the Indica Quad Dose and Sativa Quad Dose Cheeba Chews, so we duplicated that portion of the review…

Packaging/Visual Appeal: (6/10)  *NOTE: The packaging has changed since we got the samples and is now apparently an airtight package*

Cheeba Chews are a simple product with simple packaging — they are a Tootsie Roll-style chocolate taffy log wrapped in a piece of wax paper.  The actual label is a glossy and clearly-printed band of paper with full ingredient information, dosage info, and safety warnings, which is appreciated.  The different products offered by Cheeba Chews are color-coded by Indica (black), Hybrid (green), and Sativa (orange) as well to make identifying them easier.

While we appreciate the cautious labeling, the wrapper itself is fairly cheap and we would have really liked to see some sort of airtight packaging.  While our freshly-manufactured samples were still moist and chewy, we have encountered older Cheeba Chews in dispensaries that had hardened due to wrappers that came untwisted or simply with age.  Further, the ends of the packages can easily be opened while they’re sitting on shelves, opening the possibility to tampering, etc., which raises issues with a medical grade product.  The chew itself is shiny and appealing for what it is, though it isn’t exactly mouth-watering to look at a square piece of quasi-chocolate.

Aroma: (8.5/10)  These Cheeba Chews smelled pretty great for such a simple confection, carrying the aroma of smooth chocolate and vanilla.  They smelled very sweet and had us excited to try them.  The medicine was not really noticeable in the aroma — it seemed overwhelmed by the sweetness and the vanilla.

Taste: (7/10)  While one reviewer really liked the taste and didn’t pick up much medicine taste, the other reviewers were only lukewarm on the actual flavor.  The first few chews were like a standard (but better, since it’s homemade) Tootsie Roll, but then a slightly bitter and medicinal taste takes over for the remaining duration.  The medicine is heavily detectable in these chews, which is a good thing for many patients (you know something’s in them!), but a little much for others in terms of actually enjoying the product.  These aren’t the tastiest edibles on the market by a long shot, but if you like the taste of hash oil and chocolate taffy at all, it’ll be just fine.

Effects: The Sativa Quad Dose seemed to come on faster than the Indica, building to rather strong effects within an hour and continuing to build until the two hour mark.  A slight uptick in heart rate and a lowering of the eyelids started the effects off, but then our reviewers had slightly different experiences from there.  One had more of a relaxing and sedative experience where she kept having to get up and do something to avoid sleeping.  The others had more of an uplifted cerebral and ocular effect, with bloodshot eyes and a cloudy mental state that made had functionality a bit stilted but thoroughly enjoyable.  Body-wise it was slightly relaxing but carried a buzzing sensation for several hours.

The effects began do dwindle slowly at 2.5 hours or so, but one reviewer reported effects lingering out into 7 hours, when she eventually went to sleep.  While you could theoretically function on these during the day, they seem to really redden the eyes and make the medication noticeable, so exercise caution with these in sensitive situations.  The second half of effects were much the same as they were at their peak, just declining over the next few hours — heavy in the eyes, spacey mental state, and a vibrating yet relaxed body.  All reviewers reported a very calm state as it ended, leading into a night of restful sleep.

Medical Uses: Strong ocular attention, mental relaxation, mood elevation, muscle tension, and some sleep aid properties (especially relaxing comedown and restful sleep).

Overall:  We would be interested to experiment with dosage and timing on these Cheeba Chews (both Indica and Sativa), as this one was rather strong and again could have probably provided rather satisfactory effects if we had eaten half of it.  This Sativa Quad Dose especially would be a little much for daily use if you have to function or do business during the day — not because it completely incapacitates you, but because it is so very noticeable and long-lasting… shaking off the effects of four doses takes some time.  But for a day off or a long evening, these will provide a lasting experience that hovers between sedative and uplifting, seeming to always lead to a relaxing comedown that had us ready for bed.  Like the Indica Quad Dose, these get a hearty recommendation for being lasting and potent.

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  • ashley
    May 22, 2011 at 3:24 pm |


  • chris
    May 4, 2012 at 9:48 pm |

    I love them! And no “hangover”.

  • Jerry
    November 1, 2012 at 8:50 am |

    Anyone that tells you these cheeba chews “don’t work” has zero idea what they are talking about. I have seen even the most seasoned smokers take too much off a cheeba chew and slip into madness. They absolutely work.

  • rd
    October 8, 2013 at 10:05 am |

    They are strong, but the effect is not a good one. They taste bad, and do not look like they are made in very sophisticated kitchens.

  • emily
    October 8, 2013 at 5:28 pm |

    These are extremely strong. A lot goes a long way. I only took 1/4″. I was in pain and it didnt seem to take the pain away it just gave me paranoia to where I just wanted to stay in bed and not move. I could have gotten away with half of what I took.
    It didnt help with the pain, I wish it had.

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